Ritchie is first and foremost photographer. Doing photography for over two decades, only the last decade Ritchie decided to do it professionally. Ever since Ritchie has been nationally and internationally doing reportage-style photography work for companies, events and private events. For over 6years Ritchie uses An old technique “wet plate Collodion” for personal and commission es projects. Since a few years he adds video and video-editing to the list.


Ritchie has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. In the last decade, Ritchie has spent many hours, days and months defining a style that fits his character. The result is a very diverse and multi-talented media that cannot be defined in one area. Ritchie likes to work with found materials, charcoal and pastels. But also paint and other can be applied.


Ritchie has a deep connection with building with wood. As a photographer he has build his own patrimonium of wooden cameras. As an artist, he build his own atelier and builds any pintrest idea you might have. From any household cabinet or lamp, to a full working tiny house with very specific needs.

Ritchie is available for:

photography: event, business, wedding, art, reportage, social media content, workshop photography basic – advanced – personal

Competenties: Adobe Lightroom, photoshop

video: events, art, reportage, social media content, music.

Competenties: Adobe première, avid

service: sensor-cleaning

building: foodtrucks, tiny house, shack, pintrest ideas

art: all art presented is for sale, also doing commissioned work

wet plate Collodion: Portrait, workshop

contact Ritchie for availability and prices