I don’t make art.

I make a language, I am building a mouth to speak. For things that cannot be said or haven’t been said in the past. Sometimes I don’t know what to say but it wants to come out anyway.

Mostly I rely on photography to be my mouth but also drawings can be used. Any means is possible to get the voice out. Recently I envisioned a collage but more often I am thinking of sculptures. My biggest  current struggle is to find ways and time to build and create everything I have in mind.

This website is no place for showcasing my best work. It is no portfolio. It is more like a dairy. Everyday it presents something new or something known, or maybe for some time nothing happens.

My work includes subjects like showing who you are and who you truly are (identity). It also features the battle between strong and weak, what is shown on the outside besides what resides inside.

You may also find work related to tranquility and chaotism in the form of minimalism and abstract imaging that recreate the busy nature of cities. This is to find peace and rest in a much to chaotic place like a city.

I am sure many other topics can be found inside my work that reflect my inner nature. I will not explain all of them, that would spoil my work. Please be free to find the answers yourself, that is what art is all about, isn’t it?