My name is Ritchie Sedeyn, Belgian digital documentary photographer in daytime and wet plate collodion artist in spare time. I mainly focus on portraits but also have an interest in landscape. But my main reason for getting out the camera is an idea stuck in my head, a subject I want to highlight, a problem or situation I think worth paying attention to.

In my dayjob I work with common and uncommon digital brands for a fast and fluid workflow. Often I come back home with a few hundreds if not thousands of photos, therefor I wanted to find the fun and magic in photography again.

For my wet plate collodion I work mainly with ancient 19th century cameras and for some projects I built my own camera (eg 30cmx40cm). I love the slow pace of wet plate collodion and the effect, on glass, can not be produced with any digital camera. Holding the plate from startingpoint till end makes this an art which demands utter concentration, cautioness and effort. Every stage in the process can result in a failed photograph. Because the picture is taken on clear glass, the image turns negative on a white background and positive on a black background.Goodluck creating this effect with any digital camera. There is only one plate, which can never be reproduced. That is what I call uniqueness! Seeing the image appear in front of your eyes, makes every spectator left in awe. Some call me even a magician!

You must see a wet plate collodion positive for yourself in real live to see what true value is.

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